Maggie’s story and the new glasses

Little Maggie, who has been using our services for early childhood development for half a year, is already a toddler who builds towers of cubes and is getting to know the world with increasing interest.

May 14 2021

Maggie was born in the fall of 2019 and has a congenital damage to the optic nerve. This is the reason why in the summer of 2020, Maggie’s mother for the first time turned to Paradise – a specialist in Early Childhood Development in our complex.

At birth, doctors diagnosed Maggie with urinary tract damage, which required a number of tests, accompanied by therapies and prolonged hospital stay. During the first month, her mother noticed that the girl rolled her eyes, and later one of her eyes began to flicker. She was diagnosed with a second severe diagnosis – Background retinopathy and retinal vascular changes , she also has one diopter in each eye and has to wear glasses. An expert decision of TEMC 60% type and degree of disability with foreign assistance has been issued and issued.

The long hospital stay and the peculiarities of the child’s disability lead to the fact that he lags behind in his development and at the age of 8 months he still cannot crawl, does not play with toys, does not follow objects with his eyes and does not say syllables.

Raya prepares an individual plan for the child’s development, which includes activities to develop Maggie’s skills in the field of gross and fine motor skills, communication, as well as various activities for sensory stimulation.

Research and drugs from abroad burden the family budget financially, but the story touches our donors from Grand Optics and they provide Maggie with special children’s glasses that help her eyesight not to deteriorate.

In the first years of life, while children still do not know the shapes and names of objects, vision is extremely important in order to be able to learn, to orient themselves in the environment that surrounds them, to feel safe and to enter boldly. in the fairytale world of games. Maggie’s glasses helped her not only to see better, but also to smile at the world with its colorful colors, shapes and faces of her loved ones.

The result of working with Raya is that today Maggie, in addition to crawling, takes steps, holding on to a fixed support, arranges cubes in a row, puts and takes objects out of a box, tries to unscrew the bottle cap, says ” ma – ma ”, ” bo-bo ” / when he wants candy / and likes to listen to children’s songs.

The earlier a child is supported, the better his chances of developing his full potential. If you suspect that your child has a physical or emotional problem, feel free to seek specialist support a>.

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