Motherly love is stronger than anything

May 10 2021

On a warm summer night, the minor Tsvetelina and her friends decide to visit a neighborhood nightclub. The evening goes wonderfully for Tsvetelina and this is mainly due to the fact that she meets the slender and attractive Ivan. A spark quickly ignited among the young people and two months after their first meeting they lived together in Ivan’s home, together with his parents. This lasts only a month and a half, as the girl realizes that her boyfriend is cheating. She returns to her parents and soon after realizes that she is pregnant. She seeks help and support from Ivan, but he tells her that he has neither the desire nor the opportunity to be a father.

In a moment of weakness, Tsvetelina begins to hesitate whether to keep the child. She always wanted to have at least three children who would grow up happy and loved. She shares her insecurities with her parents, who fully support her. Soon after learning about the pregnancy, Tsvetelina’s mother, Katya, contacted The Center for Public Support” St. Sofia ”of the“ For Our Children ”Foundation , and seeks assistance and hope. The support is not late – our social worker Fikrie Baidakova immediately starts working with the insecure young mother and together they overcome her fears .

And so in December 2017, Tsvetelina gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she christened Milena. Her support in this emotional moment are all her relatives and friends, but also Fikrie, who makes a lot of efforts to teach Tsvetelina how to look after her daughter in the best possible way . As the mother is under 18 years of age and does not receive any income, we provided her with everything she needed to welcome the newborn – diapers and bottles, a tub, clothes and cosmetics.

Tsvetelina told us that she is grateful to our entire team for their support. She is happy to take care of little Milena and is convinced that her daughter will grow up endlessly loved by both mom and grandparents. The specialists of CPC “St. Sofia ”continue to monitor the development of little Milena, as well as the care provided by her adult mother.

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