Once a foster parent, forever a guardian angel

August 23 2020

Tsvetana and Angel have been a foster family since 2016, after successfully studying at the For Our Children Foundation and shortly before Christmas they welcome at home the first foster child – Kaloyan – a charming boy, eager to receive and give love, with which Tsveta and Angel give it unconditionally. Two years later, the two adopted Kaloyan and he became part of their family forever!

Tsvetana and Angel do not give up their mission to care for and lovingly give children deprived of family comfort and warmth until they find their real family. Thus, at the end of 2018, their family includes one-year-old Sylvia – weak, visibly malnourished and neglected, with scars from burns on her body and without any of the mandatory immunizations for her age and health.

The young family starts a real battle to restore the girl, to erase the scars in her soul, to catch up and stimulate her development. Their first care is focused on her physical health, they enroll her in a personal doctor, put all the missed immunizations. Very soon Sylvia starts smiling more often, eating with appetite and gaining weight. This motivates and inspires Tsveta and Angel to continue caring for the girl even more insistently – for her health, education and socialization. They encourage her every step, new skill and action, and she becomes more independent with each passing day – she chooses her clothes, she dresses herself, arranges her toys and eats without help. Sylvia is also attached to pets – she plays with the dog and feeds the parrot. She is musical and loves to dance, enjoys praise, and like any child loves to cuddle in the foster mum and dad and play with Kaloyan.

The nature walks, the trips and the children’s holidays, which Tsveta and Angel organize and with the help of the foundation, make Sylvia a curious to the world, contact-smiling and friendly child. A child who grows up, surrounded by the love and care of his foster parents and expects his mother and father. To grow in the security and comfort of his real family.

“For us, there is no more important goal than to provide the child with the opportunity to develop skills that will prepare him for the independent life of a successful and realized adult with his own identity. We sincerely believe that foster care is a cause that gives children a chance to grow and develop in a family environment full of love and understanding until they find their true family. ”

Tsvetana and Angel Ilievi

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