The foster care made another child’s dream come true to grow happily in his family

August 28 2020

Another of the foster children supported by our Foster Care Center found his mother and father – 3-year-old Valentin took his parents’ hands firmly and began his new life. He was sent by his foster mother Dimitrinka Georgieva, who gave him love and warmth and worked miracles to overcome the backwardness of the child, accumulated in the institution – his home in the first year and a half of his life. Read the story of social worker Diana Petrova:

“In October 2018, Dimitrinka took in her arms a sad and frightened boy with a deformed head, soft and crooked legs. The child did not speak, did not walk, ate only pureed food and had no teeth. After more than 18 months of living behind the walls of the institution, he went out for the first time with his foster mother, but he was afraid of people.

A mother by vocation and a loving wife, who gave a new beginning to 3 other already adopted children, Dimitrinka greeted Valio with a strong hug, which he had never received before, and a whole basket of toys – just for him. Together with the support of the foundation, Dimitrinka started step by step to help the boy catch up in his development – teach him to eat, talk, walk, love.

Valio gradually relaxed, took his first steps, surrounded by a lot of love, patience and faith, he felt calm and winged to discover and get to know the new things in the family. He discovered the beauty of nature, made friends with the pet – the German shepherd Harry, learned many other curious and unknown things about him. He began to speak imperceptibly, and his first words were “mom,” “dad,” “bau.” That’s how it became part of the magic of the big world! In half a year with Dimitrinka and her family, the child caught up with his peers. He went to a nursery, found many new friends, flourished. He became a radiant, energetic, smiling child.

Thus came the moment when Maria – his destiny and luck – appeared with the name of a mother who had fallen in love with Valentine since their first meeting and was sure that this was her long-awaited child. Exploratory meetings began, almost a month and a half every week they were together – in the foundation, in Borisova Garden, on playgrounds, where the child feels at ease. They communicated, played, walked and became closer. She told him about her pet, his family and his future home.

All this time Dimitrinka was with Valentin, carefully preparing him for the change, giving him confidence that in her faces the child will always have a friend. Prepare with a lot of love the colorful album with unforgettable memories, a children’s briefcase full of favorite clothes and toys and of course – your favorite teddy bear! With them, she sent Valentine to his new, real family and wished him to grow up happy and strong, surrounded by the love of his parents. Valio’s parents often call her and share how he feels, consult with her, exchange information about his development. Valentine is happy… he already has a dream come true, mom and dad who love him and their real family.

“We went through many difficult moments, Valentin was a frightened and sad child who changed beyond recognition – now he is a smiling, naughty and happy boy who communicates freely and reflects the love and attention we gave him. I will miss her, but I’m glad she already has her real mom and dad. I wish him to grow up loved and happy, “said Dimitrinka, who is one of 25 foster mothers supported by the foundation. You can read more about her, Valentine and the children she gave with love and care here. “

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