The Miracle Thumbelina

She is the little miracle of smiling young parents

May 21 2021

Thumbelina’s story begins in a big city, almost a year ago, when the parents of our heroine learn that their biggest dream has come true. Thus begins the anxious anticipation of their little baby. It all started as in fairy tales, but unfortunately and unlike fairy tales, there are unforeseen moments in life.

One morning, Thumbelina’s mother realized that something was wrong and the doctors found an infection. The pregnancy turned into treatment and worries about whether everything would be fine with the little miracle of these young people. Despite the reassurances of the doctors and the measures taken in time, little Thumbelina was born with a medical problem and was given a severe diagnosis. Mom and Dad do not lose hope, they are ready to do everything in their power to make their little girl grow up happy and full. They start looking for support for Thumbelina.

From social networks they learn about a place where people believe in hope, work miracles and give endless love to their little heroes – the Foundation “For Our Children”. That’s how our little heroine got to the Happy Childhood Support Center.

Our rehabilitator Katie Lazarova told us about the work with the little girl:

“The day I took her in my arms, she smiled at me with the warmest toothless smile. At that moment, I realized that She could and would do it. I remember very clearly the first minute we started working together. I – completely sure that he will sit steadily one day. She – curious what we do on the floor.

Like any beginning, ours was not easy. We went through all the difficult moments together, through various rehabilitation techniques to improve coordination, balance and stabilization. We traveled together all the way through turning, standing, trying to sit and hold the center of gravity, we learned to fall and get up – always together. We faced stage-by-stage diagnoses, examinations and new symptoms. We changed our plan according to our successes and failures. We were not disappointed and we did not lose faith.

Every day when she came to me, I saw her eyes grow brighter. I saw some hands that could hug Mom more and more. Step by step, a little less Thumbelina began to stand up on her own. He began to maintain his inner and outer balance better and better. He explored the world much more confidently. And with her, Mom and Dad became calmer and more confident that Thumbelina would handle it. Day after day, these awake young people increasingly believed in their beautiful child. They were on the floor next to her, supporting her around the clock. They knew she could!

And she could, she became more and more confident, despite the diagnoses, despite the opinions.

She succeeded with great effort and struggle.

She succeeded, thanks to the love and faith of her parents.

She succeeded, thanks to a team of professionals, each of whom gives the best he is capable of and all his love. She succeeded because there was a place and how this magic could happen.

The little girl and her parents overcome all challenges thanks to the support of the team of the For Our Children Foundation, but also thanks to the faith of our supporters and partners from The Human Safety Net and Generali Bulgaria, who invest in the development of our early childhood services. development.

Today Thumbelina continues her journey, and we will stay a little longer next to her.

And one day we will let her fly alone and fully confident of the magical future.

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