Together again – the story of Maggie and Tanya

July 31 2020

The ancient Greek poet Euripides said, “Love is all we have – the only way to help each other.”

And a stronger and more selfless love than that between a parent and a child could hardly exist. An example is the motivating story of a single young mother and her little daughter who help each other on the way to a better future together.

Maggie is still 24 years old and her daughter Tanya is already six. Unplanned to become pregnant only at the age of 16, her relatives strongly advise her to have an abortion or to abandon the baby. Fortunately, she gathers strength and decides to give herself and the child a chance by raising him alone.

Their journey begins difficult, but with the support of loved ones, Maggie manages to cope. Over time, however, things change, she becomes part of a company that affects her badly. He starts to be away from home, neglects the care of his child and worsens the relationship with his mother, which the little girl is a constant witness.

This led to a signal in social services that the 6-year-old girl was neglected by her mother. An inspection confirms the signal, Tanya is at risk and needs to be temporarily removed from the dangerous environment in which she lives. A “foster care” protection measure has been taken.

Placed in this critical situation, Maggie realizes that she may lose her child, whom she loves endlessly, and that it is vital to change her life, which takes time. Time during which the child will stay with foster parents. He prepares his daughter for the change by carefully explaining that they need to be temporarily separated and that another family will take care of her.

The child begins his life in the new family, but fails to get used to them, is constantly upset, cries and wants only his mother, after each meeting with her makes crises. This forces the social workers to look for a better solution for Tanya and her mother. Earlier this year, they were referred to the For Our Children Foundation.

A foster family supported by the foundation took care of Tanya, and Fikrie Baidakova, a social worker at the CPS “St. Sofia”, began intensive work with her mother Maggie.

Here is her story:

“At the first meeting, Maggie said that she realized her mistakes, that the whole problem was caused by her lifestyle, and that she decided to change in the name of Tanya. She announced that she was no longer reunited with her old friends and that she was ready to do the impossible to be with her child again and to give him all her love and care so that he could grow up happily. She had lost hope of reuniting with Tanya and expected support from us. We decided together how to support the development of the child and increase the parental capacity of the mother, we planned the meetings between the two with the foster family.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the two could be heard on the phone and seen outdoors when allowed. I saw how strong the emotional connection was between mother and daughter. Every time at the end of the meeting Tanya asked me “when will I go to my mother”…

We worked with Maggie for a few months and she really changed. So for a week now mother and daughter have been together again. Tanya feels good, calm and happy in her mother’s arms.

Thanks to the strong connection and the admirable fighting spirit of the girls, they are finally happy and calm in their family nest.

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