Tonka Blazheva – foster mother with a big heart

April 01 2021

There are people who have so much love in them that the only way they can live is by giving it unconditionally to those who do not have it. One of these people is Tonka Blazheva – the woman with a big heart, who has given care and tenderness to seven adopted children.

Tonka has been a foster parent for 8 years and has accepted as her mission to give comfort and warmth in her home to children abandoned by their parents. For all these years, seven wonderful children have passed through her house, who already have their real families and grow up with mom and dad.

The last of them is Kalin, who said goodbye to his foster mother a week ago and was taken in the arms of his adoptive parents.

Tonka took care of Kalin in the summer of 2019. Then, only a 5-month-old baby, he had spent the first months of his life in a hospital room without a mother’s caress. Kalin discovered the family coziness and love in Tonka’s family, which adopted him as their child, and he quickly began to grow and develop.

Together they went through many difficulties and obstacles. But the strong emotional bond between them, the security of the family, the love and protection he received helped him overcome the difficulties and become a wonderful two-year-old boy.

Meanwhile, Tonka fulfilled another mission – to prepare the child and give him hope that he will find his mother and father. And it happened.

A few months ago, with the support of his foster mother, Kalin met her adoptive parents for the first time. Having received so much love and care from the foster family and ready to receive more, he quickly and easily became attached to his future mom and dad. Last week he went to his new life with them.

Wishing him the happiest child, Tonka sent him away. Of course, parting with Kalin was accompanied by many tears and hugs, what better way than to know that you helped a child grow up in a good and secure family environment and find his family.

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